Beach House

Beach House released their 2013 tour today on While Austin or Tulsa, or really anywhere close is in their schedule, it did remind me of my experience with Beach House.


I saw Beach House over the summer in June in Tulsa, Oklahoma (my hometown.) The show was at Cain’s ballroom which is historically known to be one of the best music venues in the country. Cain’s ballroom was built in 1924 to serve as a garage for one of Tulsa’s founders, W. Tate Brady. And then Madison W. “Daddy” Cain purchased the building in 1930 and named it Cain’s Dance Academy, where he charged 10¢ for dance lessons. In 1976, Larry Schaeffer purchased, refurbished, and reopened the building with the name, Cain’s Ballroom. Cain’s Ballroom is known for hosting the Sex Pistols on their only American tour among many other famous musicians. Beach House is now proudly added to that list.


Cain’s Ballroom has been refurbished multiple times since 1976 in order to provide the best experience for music fans, and the Beach House show was no exception. The music sounded beautiful throughout the old wooden building and there was plenty of room for everyone. They played their full new album Bloom which was released just a month before the show. They also played tracks from their previous album Teen Dream. I would have to say that this was probably one of my favorite shows I have ever seen.



Katt Williams: American Gangster


Katt Williams is a famous comedian, rapper and actor. He is best known for his role  as Money Mike in Friday After Next and his stand-up comedy acts. Williams, 39, is also a husband and a father of eight children in Los Angeles. Recently it has come to the public eye that Williams is experiencing some legal trouble. Williams was arrested Thanksgiving weekend after having a warrant issued on November 25th for “wreckless driving.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, Williams was taken into custody Friday night in Dunnigan, Calif., by Yolo County Sheriff’s deputies and was released Saturday after posting bail.The California Highway Patrol said Williams was driving a motorcycle on a downtown Sacramento sidewalk. The officers tried to get him to stop, which led to the pursuit, during which he allegedly nearly hit five pedestrians. Officers ended the chase because of safety reasons.


While this is what is in the news today, Williams seems to have a history of legal trouble. In 2006, Williams was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after a stolen gun was found in his briefcase. Then in 2010 while working on a film Williams was arrested again, this time he was accused of stealing $3,500 worth of coins and jewelry. Then earlier this year in October, a lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles which alleges that Williams hit his former assistant with “a closed fist” causing serious injury. And according to The Hollywood Reporter,

 He also was reportedly charged with three misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree assault related to two incidents in Seattle earlier this month.

Probably the only time I will feel bad for Kim Kardashian


Jezebel recently reported a fatal story about the Kardashians: Kim Kardashian’s kitten has died. Kim had the four month old teacup persian Mercy for not very long when she realized she was allergic to cats. After that she handed Mercy off to Khloe Kardashian’s assistant Sydney Hitchcock who had just suffered her own 12 year old cat dying. On November 26th, Mercy was rushed to the vet with a very severe stomach virus. It was deemed fatal and Mercy had to be put to sleep. Kim later wrote in her blog about the tragedy,

It broke not only my heart that little Mercy died at only four months old, but Sydney’s too. Mercy was a gentle and loving kitten and we are all going to miss her so much. Thanks to Sydney for making Mercy’s short life one filled with love.

It always breaks my heart to hear about any animal dying, even if it is Kim Kardashian’s. The poor thing was still a kitten and died painfully. RIP Mercy.


Foxy Mama


Megan Fox is known for her roles in Transformers, Jennifer’s Body and…well that’s pretty much about it. As a young 26 year old, she is now a mother of a three-month-old baby, Noah Shannon Green.  Fox has recently been in the news to make her point that now as a mother she is going to be more choosy about what roles shes casts in her upcoming movies. She  can no longer strip in front of the camera because she’s concerned about her child being made fun of once he gets to school. In a recent interview with a British reporter from the Daily Mirror Fox opened up about being a mother and an actress.

“It changes your perspective about being overly sexual in a film when you have a baby. I’m going to be more cautious about choosing films because I’m already thinking about when he’s in school and his friends are going to be showing him my photo shoots with me in a bikini and he’s going to be horrified…So that will deter me from making some of the choices I made before.”


However it seems she just opened up a can of judgement on her now considering that she is vulnerable to any choice she makes based on this statement, including her clothing choices. Fox was recently in an article on who mocked her clothing choice at a recent event,

Fox stunned in a white lace mini that managed to successfully straddle the line between sexy and demure. The dress allowed for an appropriately ample amount of coverage — something unfamiliar to Fox back in her Sexiest Woman Alive days — while also showing off the bombshell’s famous figure with a snug fit. The frock’s cream-colored lace was the perfect complement to Fox’s cascading chestnut locks and glowing complexion.


Baby, it’s weird in here

I don’t know how long I have been waiting for someone to comment on this, but the time has come.


It is a really beautiful sounding song and my favorite version is Zooey Deschanel’s, however, much like old children’s nursery rhymes, the meaning behind “Baby it’s cold outside,” is a lot darker than on the surface. Now I’m not trying to be one of those nit-picky feminist, but listening to this song over and over again every year at Christmas time it always sparks my brain how this song is so popular and so sexist.

The song was written by Frank Loesser in 1944. The song was premiered with his wife, Lynn Garland, at their Navarro Hotel housewarming party, and performed it toward the end of the evening, signifying to guests that it was nearly time to end the party. The song is a duet with a lovely call and response between a woman who desires to go home and her lover who professes his desire for her to stay. finally wrote the article I have been looking for discussing this song and its statutory undertones. The questionable lyrics  include the woman singing, “I simply must go”, “The answer is no”, “I’ve got to go home”. There is also the line “Hey, what’s in this drink”, which sounds suspiciously like the woman has been drugged.Yes, it was the 40’s but that doesn’t make rape right. xoJane says,

But I also know that “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” was produced by a culture with a really specifically gendered power dynamic. The culture doesn’t excuse the line. The line reveals something about the culture.

And finishes off with something I definitely agree with,

And if she DOESN’T want to stay, if her “the answer is no” is a genuine objection, at best we’re looking at a scene involving a lot of coercion.

Why it’s important to write every day

A dream of mine is to become a journalist. I have always desired it since I was a child. I learned very early from my father that it is imperitive to write everyday if I want to become a successful writer. My father is where I obtained my writer genes, and I admire how creative and committed he is. He also knows a handful of English professors at the University of Oklahoma and was proud to brag about my work when I was a child. He would always say, “practice makes perfect,” which is something I learned in my other aspirations as a child before writing became my focus. As a violinist, student and athlete growing up that phrase stuck in my head in everything I did, and it maintains the same meaning for writing.


Writing everyday will help me as a writer in my skills, however it helps me in multiple other ways. Writing every day is important for your mental health as well. Writing

Tumblr, best thing ever created

Facebook has lost its luster, Myspace is far gone, Instant Messaging isn’t as frequent as before, and I still just don’t understand Twitter. However there is one internet site that I enjoy to waste my time drooling over and that is Tumblr. 

While I still learn things through Tumblr by following news blogs such as NPR, I really enjoy looking at beautiful, weird, hilarious photos and memes that brighten my day. Tumblr is perfect when you are taking a break from studying or just sitting at home. It is incredibly addicting though and it is possible to spend copious amount of time simply “looking at pretty pictures.” My favorite thing about Tumblr is finding disturbing or funny pictures to post on facebook and raise some eyebrows.