Foxy Mama


Megan Fox is known for her roles in Transformers, Jennifer’s Body and…well that’s pretty much about it. As a young 26 year old, she is now a mother of a three-month-old baby, Noah Shannon Green.  Fox has recently been in the news to make her point that now as a mother she is going to be more choosy about what roles shes casts in her upcoming movies. She  can no longer strip in front of the camera because she’s concerned about her child being made fun of once he gets to school. In a recent interview with a British reporter from the Daily Mirror Fox opened up about being a mother and an actress.

“It changes your perspective about being overly sexual in a film when you have a baby. I’m going to be more cautious about choosing films because I’m already thinking about when he’s in school and his friends are going to be showing him my photo shoots with me in a bikini and he’s going to be horrified…So that will deter me from making some of the choices I made before.”


However it seems she just opened up a can of judgement on her now considering that she is vulnerable to any choice she makes based on this statement, including her clothing choices. Fox was recently in an article on who mocked her clothing choice at a recent event,

Fox stunned in a white lace mini that managed to successfully straddle the line between sexy and demure. The dress allowed for an appropriately ample amount of coverage — something unfamiliar to Fox back in her Sexiest Woman Alive days — while also showing off the bombshell’s famous figure with a snug fit. The frock’s cream-colored lace was the perfect complement to Fox’s cascading chestnut locks and glowing complexion.



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