Recently leaked onto the internet was a news release that discovered Psy- the artist of the sensation “Gangham Style” and considered the most loved entertainer on the planet, performed at an anti-american concert in Seol in 2004.

As if his participation in the concert isn’t bad enough, Psy rapped in a song some very shocking and violent lyrics about America and our soldiers:

“Kill those fucking Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives/Kill those fucking Yankees who ordered them to torture/Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, and fathers/Kill them all slowly and painfully.”


According to Gawker, this story was first reported in English on a CNN reporting site called ireport. In this article the author  states that he is a Korean American and has learned of Psy’s sucess through Korean media. The author discussed how Psy is so “opportunistic” and discusses the event of the concert. The author then writes,

I really do not believe that this individual, who had claimed to kill American soldiers and their families, should be able to boldly rise as a part of the icons of America’s pop culture. It is just unbelievable.

It seems as the feeling is mutual as this news begins to break out. However, the Guardian shines an interesting light on this newsbreak and discusses Psy’s music as a protest to what is really going on in the world that American’s don’t know about.  This article displays the news releases of Psy’s music and also releases some information itself about America,

Whatever else one wants to say, the US is a country that, for more than a decade, has loudly and continuously declared itself to be a “nation at war”. It’s not “at war” in any one county, but in many countries around the globe.

The article continues to discuss America as a militant ruling country trying to take over the world. Drones, the imprisonment of Muslim journalists, and the process of suffocating a nation of 75 million people. I strongly recommend reading this article.


Lena Dunham: What’s the Problem?

Lena Dunham has recently solidified a book deal with Random House for over $3 million and this news leak is everywhere while apparently pissing people off.  I have never watched Dunham’s television show that she writes, directs and co-stars in, however I am really confused as to what people’s beef with Dunham is.  I know that Dunham at the beginning of the release of Girls, was looked up to as a role model, especially in feminism. However it seems that as the season of Girls has gone on and as Dunham’s celebricy expands, her reputation is sliding downhill. Blog sites such as the article here posted from Gawker and their sister site Jezebel don’t reflect on Dunham in a good light and especially have reacted to the scorning of her latest book deal. However, if it is money people are complaining about, it is a waste of time. Does anybody know how much Dunham makes for every episode of Girls? It is a special on HBO, which makes way more money than regular cable T.V. shows.  I say you go girl. Keep reaching those dreams. And I will definitely be buying that book.


Article from Gawker:

Rich girl Lena Dunham sold a book of “frank and funny advice on everything from sex to eating to traveling to work” to Random House for $3.7 million in October on the strength of an illustrated 66-page proposal. Here it is, weighing in at $56,000 or so per page.

Dunham, a 26-year-old described by Random House as “a rare literary talent,” proposed to structure the book as an advice tome in the tradition of Helen Gurley Brown’s Having It All. To judge by the proposal—which has been describedelsewhere but is published here for the first time—it’s more of an invitation to get lost in the mind of a girl who is lost in her own mind. It’s basically literary lifecasting: Fully 13% of the proposal’s pages are devoted to reproducing a diary Dunham kept of what she ate in 2010. And she intends to devote an as-yet-unwritten chapter to “a collection of emails that screw the pooch, jump the gun, and terrify men.” Also, Dunham thinks she has the “beginnings of a FUPA (fat upper pussy area)” and wants to write about that, in her book of advice for women.


On Bravo T.V.’s show Watch What Happens Live earlier this week the shows host Andy Cohen asks the daring question “How fake was The Hills?” Kristin Cavallari proudly answers, “Pretty f*#@ing fake.”

It may come as a shock to some, but it is lately being released how fake reality T.V. shows really come out to be. Cavallari admitted that producers told the cast what to say and that fights and even some of the relationships were faked for the show. Including her relationship with Justin Bobby.

According to Jezebel, the fact that The Hills was stage was already obvious to the public when,

“the tongue-in-cheek series finale in which Kristin says goodbye forever to Brody Jenner, only for the camera to pan away and reveal that they were actually on a film set.”

Cavallari went further to discuss how the cast was required to play out their fake story lines in the tabloids. She said was difficult for her because she was left with her false “coke addiction” to live up to.  Cavallari’s confession is greatly accepted and gives the public a refreshing light on crap reality T.V. shows. This is much like Courtney Stodden’s latest appearance on Vh1’s Couples Therapy. Stodden is shown walking through the living room saying “Where is everybody? Lets f*&#k some shit up.” Stodden’s debut on Couples Therapy really displays not only her intentions to have her 15 more minutes of fame, but also how fake these reality shows really are.

What I want for Christmas

I’m not sure who would actually be into this, but hell, why not. Lets let everyone get an insight into what a 22 year old English student who lives alone would want.

1. A swiffer wet jet.
It may be a little outdated, but I really need one of these. Especially since I have this odd fake wood floor in my kitchen and bathroom. Also I am sick of sweeping and mopping from my job.

2. A years worth of birth control.
Yeah, I said it. Birth Control is expensive though and during months that I am really struggling it can be hard to find the $23 dollars to pay for it. Also, I am bad about refilling it on time which can be worrisome which is unnecessary stress on my head. What I’d REALLY like to ask Santa is for either St. Edward’s to cover birth control in it’s health insurance OR for Obama to be the feminist loving gentleman he is and make birth control free for all women who want to take it.

3.  Trash cans and water cooler
Strange request, but these are two things I need that do actually cost quite a bit of money. My $10 trash can from HEB just isn’t cutting it and I’d really like to have a large recycling can as well. Large trash cans that look decent/coincide with the decor of my apartment can be around $150! That’s just insane and I definitely don’t have the money for that. Also, why a water cooler? First of all I probably have the tiniest Brita filter ever and I drink a lot of water. Water coolers are really nice and only cost five cents to refill. Also, they are perfect when you are hungover.

3. A really nice collar for my kitty
Something I don’t want to necessarily pay for is the reason that this is on my Christmas list. I really want something cute from Etsy for her, but I don’t feel like forking out $50 for a cat collar.

4. New Bedding

I don’t necessarily think that my bedding is outdated or too childish, it’s just old. I can’t even imagine how disgusting my pillow cases are. Yes, I wash them but that’s not enough. And my sheets! Dear god I need new sheets like nobodys business. People don’t really think about how gross their bedding gets, including thier beds. Have you ever heard that commercial about why your mattress is so heavy? Because it’s full of dead skin cells and all of your sweat? Yeah, I want a new bed too.


Sweet Sweet Brown

Back in my old state we find another internet sensation. Sweet Brown, who lived in the ghetto of Oklahoma City, escaped her apartment catching on fire and news reporters got to catch her sweet voice clips. Much like Antoine Dodson, Sweet Brown’s news video clip became a hit on youtube.

And again like Antoine Dodson, Sweet Brown is reaping the benefits. News Channel 4 reported that Sweet Brown has joined with some new co-workers and is going into buisiness under the name Cold Pop LLC.

Sweet Brown said, “This guy, Clay and his friend Bryson had came to my house and they was asking was my bronchitis OK, and I was like, ‘Yeah it’s OK.’”

They teamed up and created a website selling T-shirts with Sweet Brown’s slogans.

According to News Channel 4 they’ve been selling about one t-shirt an hour.

The other co-founder of Cold Pop, LLC., Bryson Panas, said, “As of about five minutes ago, we’ve had about 2,100 hits on the website since we launched it with the store.”

Sweet Brown is working on her own as well. She now has her own website,, and  has starred in a television commercial for 1-800-2SELLHOMES.

And what does she plan to do with her money? Well, considering that most of her home was burnt down in the fire that made her famous, Sweet Brown said she’s going to buy a new home and a van to cart around all of her grandkids.

“Get me a nice car, you know, like a mini van or something, so we can go to the park,” Sweet Brown said.



Antics Roadshow

Antics Roadshow is a film that takes a look at famous pranks and acts of activism which have become iconic. It goes deeper into these pranks and actions and interviews each prankster questioning their motives. Anywhere from streaking to tackling police men, it is on this film.

While most of the pranks are shown in Britain, the film does include a segment dedicated to the famous improv group in New York City which hosts such events as the no-pants subway ride or the Freeze.

One of the best pranks was by a Russian group who protested the Russian police force through their pranking. This group is first shown flipping over a police vehicle and then their greatest prank yet. They painted a bridge  and when the bridge is lifted you see how they painted a penis onto the bridge which when fully erect points directly at the police headquaters.


This weekend Comedy Central was hosting a special topic, retroweekend. They showed movies such as Cheech and Chong, Dumb and Dumber and more. Therefore I decided to make my own retroweekend.

First I watched Heathers. I can’t believe I ever forgot about this movie. Although Winona Ryder really can only play one role, this is probably one of my favorite movies she is in. Christian Slater really is the exact same way and besides True Romance, this is the only film I enjoy his typical character in. Even though it is dark and pretty disturbing it really rings true to every girl who ever attended highschool. The dream of slowly killing off all of the evil girls who ever treated you poorly and made you hate yourself in school is a fantasy that I’m sure a lot of girls share.  On a deeper side though, this film really approaches teenage suicide in an interesting way making it not necessarily something to laugh at, but it lightens the subject making it easier to discuss which I find important.